Greggs reduce energy consumption across theirAC & Refrigeration estate by 43%

Coolnomix units were installed at Greggs stores in the North of England and in the South East attached to their air conditioning and refrigeration systems in an attempt to reduce kWh consumption to combat both rising energy prices and climate change. 

 One Coolnomix AC -01 unit is reducing Greggs air conditioning units kWh consumption by 11.3kWh per day and 1,175kg of CO2 every year. 


In February 2021, Greggs launched the Greggs Pledge which announced ten things they are doing to help make the world a better place by 2025 – and beyond.


“Our commitment:

By 2025, we will be on our way to achieving carbon neutrality by using 100% renewable energy across all of our operations.

Today, 96% of the electricity we use is from renewable sources, and is therefore carbon neutral. By 2025, we want to be using 100% renewable electricity.

We are proud signatories of the British Retail Consortium’s ‘Climate Action Roadmap’ meaning that we have committed to be Net Zero by 2040 – ten years ahead of the current UK Government plan.

During 2021, we will complete the mapping of our whole carbon footprint, enabling us to set Science Based Targets and plot our pathway to net zero. ”


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